How we view leadership

In a time when many churches are adopting the principles and methods of corporate America, including placing the pastor in the role of CEO, we believe that biblical leadership is still characterized by submission and service. These reflect the incarnational model of God himself. The Father did not lord it over mankind by sending Jesus to be the ultimate despotic emperor or Caesar. Instead he emptied himself and took the form of a humble servant.

So our model of leadership is not position and power but rather mutual submission and service. Jesus Christ himself left his glory in heaven to come to earth, submitted to the Father, and lived a life of service to mankind. In the same way, the members of the church, and those in leadership in the church, have been called to serve each other and the world.

Authority comes through spiritual influence, not through hierarchical position, gender, race, or nationality. All people are made in the image of God, and both men and women can bring valuable gifts to the local and universal church. Church leadership is called to discern the guidance of the Holy Spirit, as together the local expression of the body of Christ seeks to expose the nature of God by embodying the works of Christ to the seeking world around them.

Shane Fuller
Head Pastor

Wife: Cary Fuller
Shane was born and raised in the flatlands and cornfields of Indiana (except for a small excursion as a rancher in Cody, Wyoming). After finishing studies in Pastoral Ministries, he served on the staff of College Park Church, working primarily with High School, College and Singles ministries. He and his wife Cary enjoy traveling, reading, the sacred art of movie observance (watching movies), and all things relating to superheroes, as well as raising their own two young heroes-in-the-making—Spencer and Chase. Shane finds himself personally fascinated with Celtic history, New Monasticism (or anything with the word “monk”), Eastern Orthodoxy, Trinitarian theology, Batman, the Early Church, Cultural studies and Postmodernism, and Zombie apocalypse. Shane started the Dwelling Place to be a “healing space” for all those recovering from religion, and to provide an atmosphere of encounter and discovery as we learn who we are in light of Jesus’ merger of humanity and divinity.

Bruce Garrison
Bruce & Debbie Garrison

Wife: Debbie Garrison
After growing up in Indianapolis, Bruce went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and Philosophy. He then moved to England where he was involved in publishing classical Christian literature for twenty-one years. He also has extensive experience in writing and freelance editing. As part of his work at The Dwelling Place, he is involved in various aspects of community outreach; he serves on the boards of organizations fighting homelessness, alleviating hunger, and promoting understanding among interfaith communities. Bruce and his wife, Debbie, enjoy hiking, reading, all forms of music, and spending time with their two college-aged children. Bruce believes that The Dwelling Place’s ancient-future trinitarian approach to the spiritual life allows the church to look backward for historical understanding as they look forward and seek to responsibly address today’s rapidly changing spiritual climate.

Peggy Mindrebo

Husband: Dr. Norman Mindrebo
Peggy’s motto is, “We are better together.” We are better together at work, at play, and in the church. She has a Christian Education Degree from Wheaton College, a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Formation from Northern Seminary, and a Master of Divinity Degree from Wesley Seminary. Peggy is also trained in the art of Spiritual Direction. Her work has ranged from the floral business to managing her husband’s medical practice. Her home and barn are a place of hospitality and formation for many. She serves as a Spiritual Director in our community and in our church. Her passions include her horses, paddle boarding, yoga, and her four adult children, their spouses, and her grandchildren. Peggy’s desire is that all would flourish as God’s beloved children, embracing healthy spiritual rhythms.