How we view worship

WorshipThere is a growing desire among many Christians for an expression of worship that is creative and meaningful. The act of worship can often feel largely man-centered and emotionally driven. People frequently express concern that song lyrics contain little biblical content but much self-awareness. At the Dwelling Place, we believe that worship is grounded in the nature and character of the Trinity. We worship God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—for who he is.

Every part of the service is an act of worship. The liturgy, the hymns and choruses, the prayers, the readings, the message, and the Eucharist all worship God for his acts of creation, his incarnation, the redemption of mankind, and the fact that we have been adopted into his family. This rehearses God’s grand plan of redemption and reflects the reality that every part of life is an act of worship. It illustrates the truth that all is “knit up by dedication, consecration, and thanksgiving to the Living One from whom the colorful multiplicity of good things has come” (Frank Gavin).

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