The Dwelling Place invites you to join us for Advent:

December 2 — Hope
December 9 — Peace
December 16 — Joy
December 23 — Love

DP Kids will be having their own special stories, activities, and events:

December 2 — An Angel visits Mary
December 9 — Mary visits Elizabeth
December 16 — Jesus is here!
December 23 — Christmas Celebration!

Contemplative Study

As part of our Advent preparation, we are providing a weekly Contemplative Study on each of the four themes of Advent. The studies are based on the concept of Recess.

Recess: a temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity; a secluded or inner area or part.

These contemplative studies are meant to provide you with an opportunity for recess, a chance to cease your usual activity and examine your inner self. A time to be aware of God and how he is working in your life.

Begin with prayer, simply asking God to speak to you. Read slowly, pause, think, and converse with God. Find a way to make the “big idea” at the top of the page a part of your thinking throughout the day and week (sticky notes are great for this!).

The studies are not meant to be hurried through. Come back to them several times during the week. Print them and jot down your thoughts and reactions, or keep a journal.

But most of all, enjoy your time with God! He loves being with you!

To sign up for the Study, please fill out the form below. To submit it, simply hit your RETURN button after you finish each section. Thank you!

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